About Us

Denglu Tech. was founded by Prof. Liu Wenyin and his students at WISLab (Web Identity Security Laboratory) of Guangdong University of Technology, developing LoginSoEasy products and related services.

Together with WISLab, Denglu Tech. is committed to research and develop leading Web Identity security technologies, including identity authentication and convenient management, preventing identity frauds, thefts, leaks, etc. LoginSoEasy is a series of software and hardware product and services, assisting users for web identity signup, login and management automatically and conveniently, based on our disrupt innovation on web identity authentication and management mechanisms, yet compatible with the traditional password mechanism. We also developed a phishing website monitoring and detection system and a abnormal web request detection system based on our developed algorithms. We are also developing a web identity insurance product and service, WISChain, based on LoginSoEasy and Blockchain.

Enterprise honor

December 2018

Denglu Technology Ltd. got "CREDIT+" certification by Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation.

September 2018

LoginSoEasy won the 10th International Exhibition of Inventions Silver Award.

July 2018

WISChain won the First prize of The Application of Blockchain Technology DAPP Competition (University Category).

June 2018

LoginSoEasy won the 3rd China IT Internet Product Innovation Award.

November 2017

LoginSoEasy was officially launched at the 19th China High-Tech Fair, and was reported by more than a dozen media and press. safeQR won the Excellent Product Award.