LoginSoEasy assists you to login webpage by only one Click without password fatigue and password reuse.


When you open new webiste for the first time, LoginSoEasy can help you to signup with unique username and strong passowrd.

Encryption & Backup

All your data will be encrypted strictly and stored on your mobile. You can use your own cloud or our cloud to backup.


LoginSoEasy consists one safe browser, which protects users against phishing attacks, avoid privacy information and assests theft.

Our Mission

Focus on web identities, lead security technologies, found security bedrocks, build secure platforms, spread security knowledge, create convenient services for usable security, safeguard web identities, optimize cyber-space security.

As we all know, the traditional login mechanism based on username/password is the most commonly used in current web identity authentication. However, with the rapid increase of network scale, the number of web identities owned by a single user is also increasing rapidly, facing serious security problems, including "password fatigue", "phishing" and "password cracking".

LoginSoEasy is developed to solve these problems.

Security Statement

Your privacy is encrypted and safe.

All account information of a user's all web identites is designed to be stored locally and encrypted using highly secure schemes including RAS, AES and Bcrypt. Local and cloud backup use the same encryption technologies to ensure security. We want to make sure the account information can hardly be decrypted even after leaked. We also provide a single step function to change all passwords, especiall useful after leaks. A function of automatic and periodic change of passwords is provided.